Dutch Design Week 2020; The largest virtual design event ever.

Festival Branding

It has been quite a ride but in the end, we did it again; an all-new identity design for the 2020 Dutch Design Week. We started the assignment in January, thinking we would be working towards another gigantic physical design festival in October. Alas, the Coronavirus messed up everything. It made this edition one of the most challenging thus far, for us and everyone involved.

The Dutch Design Foundation is an amazing organisation, that acts and adapts like no other organisation can. So they made it happen! The DDW20 edition is truly groundbreaking, it is the largest virtual design event ever, showcasing awesome projects from designers around the globe. Visitors can enjoy over 500 unique digital exhibitions online, explore 3D viewing rooms, watch live streams and chat with designers worldwide.

Check it all out on DDW.NL. 17-25 October 2020. #DDW20 #THENEWINTIMACY

“Dutch Design Week goes virtual! Join livestreams, explore 3D Viewing Rooms and get in touch with designers from all over the world. See you 17-25 October on ddw.nl”


Check out the DDW20 Opening Video below >>>

DDW TV ‘For starters...' with Jeroen Junte
Brochure templates
DDW TV ‘For starters...' with Jeroen Junte