Dutch Design Week 2021 & 2022

Graphic Design

We are all so happy that we could work on a normal live Dutch Design Week edition again with participants and visitors from all around the world. For us and everybody involved it was more challenging than ever but we did it again and we are very proud!

Photos: Max Kneefel
Photo: Max Kneefel
Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen
How do 350.000 Dutch Design Week visitors find their way to 1500 designers spread over 100 locations? How to solve a wayfinding puzzle? Break it up in chewable chunks. (AREAS) Create order in the chaos (NUMBERS). Point out the highlights (LABELS) Make a selection (ROUTES) Create geographical context (BUILDINGS). And so on.

Yorit Kluitman

Photo: Thijs de Lange


The image above is a crop of the 2021 DDW city map. The map together with a set of easy-to-understand ‘wayfinding tools’, spread over the city is created to help the DDW visitor find their way pleasantly.

Photo: Max Kneefel

DDW21 After movie

DDW22 After movie