Get Bike Service - Key visuals and animation design

Art Direction

Get Bike Service commissioned us to create a set of brand visuals that can help them explain the services they provide to their potential customers. This project was lead and directed by us. For the execution, we asked Rotterdam based artists Roel van Eekelen, and Tom t Hof to collaborate with us on this assignment. The result was better than we hoped for and fits right in with the brand values of Get Bike Service. The illustration design was done by Roel, the animation design was done by Tom. They both worked together seamlessly and delivered a set of very strong visuals and animations.

Get Bike Service - Business to consumer animation

You decide when, where and what kind of bike service you need, and you simply book your appointment online through the convenient Get Bike Service booking app. Get Bike Service is your bike-service partner, no matter which type of bike and where you bought it.

Get Bike Service - Business to business animation

Bike Service Perfection.