Focus on every detail with the brand new S-PHYRE RC902 road racing shoe.

Campaign Design

Even before it was launched, the new RC902 already proved its value. Wout van Aart won both the 2020 Strade Bianche and Milan-San Remo wearing the newest version of the fastest SHIMANO S-PHYRE road competition shoe: the RC902. This improved pro-level racing shoe was simultaneously developed for men and women and was made to make riders go faster.


Developing the fastest shoe we ever made all comes down to focus. Focus on details that improve on an already proven platform, the S-PHYRE Road Competition racing shoe. This way we were able to find those valuable seconds. The ones that make the difference between crossing the finish line first or going home as second best. Our campaign for the new SHIMANO RC902 shoe zooms in on these specific details and presents them in a high-tech way.

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