Steep, steeper, steepest


What is it about climbing steep mountains? Why does it attract us and how does it inspire us? Why do we like to suffer in silence as there are usually no crowds cheering is on at the side of the road? We joined Sophie Moser on a ride and talked about what it is about riding upwards that keeps us coming back for more.

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For Sophie, pedaling up steep mountains brought the discovery of abilities she didn’t know she had. It has opened up new routes, rewards and confidence that had previously seemed unimaginable.

Andy McGrath

The Albula Pass is one of Sophie Moser’s favourite climbs in her adopted home of Switzerland. Little red trains pass overhead as the road winds up through quaint villages into snowy S-bends.

Mountains like this stop us in our tracks. They fascinate us and draw humans to conquer them. But even world-beating scenery can’t help when your legs are hurting. Sometimes the struggle is real: you’re fighting your mind as well as the gradient.

On a summer’s ride last year, Sophie was hurting. “It was so painful. I was waiting for it to feel good. It was a day when I questioned why I do this,” she says.

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